Take it to your city- For Students

Are you ready to share the Don’t Text & Drive message with your city? Don’t know where to start? There are endless ways you can make an impact in your community.

  • Head over to Facebook, “like” our page, and encourage your friends to do so too.
  • Take the pledge on Facebook. Make the choice to not text while driving. Share the pledge with your community and encourage others to make safe decisions.
  • Visit our Don’t Text & Drive online store to order merchandise. A wide variety of materials are available, such as car air fresheners, t-shirts, and posters. Displaying your support of the campaign and sharing these items with others is a great way to spread the word.
  • Plan a presentation or organize a rally for your city. For more information about available materials and bringing Don’t Text & Drive to your city, contact Lisa Hollister at 260-266-1270 or lisa.hollister@parkview.com.